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About Home Gym Zone

Welcome to my Home Gym Zone blog.  I hope you find my reviews on home gym exercise machines and equipment helpful and interesting.

I aim to cover a wide range of both new and older home gym equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers / cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, home gyms / strength training and more.

I aim to include information about features, differences between similar machines and other useful advice to help you decide on which is the best gym equipment for your needs and your budget!

Working out in the comfort of your own home is convenient, saves money on gym fees, and will help you reach your fitness goals.  Here are some useful fitness tips on how many calories you could burn with a sample of different types of exercise machines (based on working out for 30 minutes):

Fitness tips - how many calories* you could burn working out for 30 minutes on the following exercise machines:

Between 252 - 420
Between 207 - 345

*Dependent on intensity of workout

As you would expect, different types of exercise burns different amount of calories and also the intensity of the exercise will affect exactly how many calories you burn.

Treadmill for running, jogging or walking exercise
Treadmill for running, jogging
or walking exercise
There's a wide variety of home exercise machines on the market today to suit both the beginner and more advanced athlete as well as different budget ranges.  My articles aim to help you to choose the best machines whether its a basic entry-level model or more advanced machine with extra bells and whistles.

Typically, the more expensive the machine, the better it will be built for longer-lasting durability (but that's not always the case!) and the more features it will have on it such as more workout programs, resistance levels and extras such as built-in speakers, cooling fan and more.  Having said that, some lower-priced machines can be terrific value for money and this is where my reviews come in handy to help you ween out the best from the worst!

Elliptical Trainer / cross trainer works upper & lower body
Elliptical Trainer / cross trainer
works upper & lower body
Exercise machines like bikes, rowers and elliptical trainers are considered to be low-impact - that means that they are easier on your joints compared to machines like treadmills, mainly because the machine is supporting your body weight, yet they still give a very effective workout.

Some exercise machines are designed to work either your lower or upper body in isolation while other machines are designed to give you a total body workout.  Elliptical or cross trainers are ideal for giving you a total body workout in a low-impact way - they have moving footplates and moving handlebars, offering an action similar to skiing.

Air / fan Bike works upper & lower body
Air / fan Bike
works upper & lower body
Some exercise bikes, namely air/fan bikes, can also give a total body workout.  These type of exercise bikes have moving handlebars and work your arms and legs in unison and you could burn more calories than with a traditional upright exercise bike.

For a more laid-back feel to exercise, try a recumbent bike.  Recumbent bikes work your legs and generally have a larger seat with backrest for support - ideal for people new to exercise or those who are recovering from an old injury and have been advised to exercise in a low-impact way.

If you love running, jogging or walking, then treadmills are for you - you can run to your heart's content without ever having to worry about the weather outside!  Beside build quality, differences in treadmills could include variety of different workout programs, adjustable inclines that add intensity and more.

Water Rower rowing machine, works all the major muscle groups of the body
Water Rower rowing machine
works all major muscle groups
If rowing's your thing, then there are many different types of rowing machines to choose from and Rowers are great for working all the major muscles groups of the body in a low-impact way.  Different rowing machines can offer a different type of rowing technique so be sure to read my reviews to know what you're getting!

But if you're looking for some serious strength training, then consider a home gym set-up with cages, weights, benches and more, depending on how much space you have to set up in your home!

Home Gym for strength training
Home Gym for strength training

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I trust you find my articles helpful and enjoying reading my posts.  Thank you for your interest!

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