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Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical, Review

Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical, light commercial recumbent elliptical machine with Power Stroke technology, self-powered,
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The light-commercial Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical is a durable machine that revolutionizes seated workouts thanks to its Power Stroke technology that helps to burn up to 23% more calories and activates up to 3x more muscles than a standard recumbent exercise bike.

Offering a total body workout, the Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical delivers high performance without the jarring impact on your joints typically associated with many other types of exercise.

With a great range of programs (16) and resistance (30) options, the Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes as well as people recovering from injury who have been advised to exercise in a low-impact way (check with your health adviser first!).

45-degree angled seat with multiple height & tilt adjustments on Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical
45-degree angled seat with
multiple height & tilt adjustments
Designed with a step-through frame for easy access, the Octane xR650 Recumbent Elliptical is easy to get on and off and the seat is designed to sit at a 45-degree angle which helps to ensure correct posture with lower back support while opening the torso and maximizing the use of the hip muscles.  The seat itself is roomy and comfortable with a large cushioned base and backrest support and can easily be adjusted to suit different rider heights (20 height adjustments / 5 tilt adjustments).

The Octane xR650 features a great range of motivating programs including Manual, Random, Interval, Custom Interval, Hill, 10K, Fat Burn, Cardio, Heart-rate Interval, Heart-rate Custom Interval, Heart-rate Hill, Heart-rate Speed Interval, New Leaf Custom, 30:30 Interval, Constant Watts, and Constant METs.

In addition to the xR650’s 30 resistance levels and 16 built-in programs, this recumbent elliptical also features Octane’s exclusive Workout Boosters for increased results.  Combining cross training with strength training, the xR650 offers 3 Booster Modes:  Leg Press booster (challenging intervals to tone your legs), Chest Press (focused intervals for toning your arms, shoulders and chest), and Muscle Endurance (muscular endurance training).

Octane Fitness xR650 console, image, with 30 resistance levels, 16 programs, 3 Booster Modes
xR650 console
The Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical’s console displays a range of motivating workout data as you exercise including time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart-rate and resistance level.  To help you stay within your target heart-rate zone as you exercise, the xR650 offers two different options for heart-rate monitoring:  compact pulse sensors in handles by side of seat or telemetry with a wireless chest strap.

Ergonomically designed, the Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical provides a natural moving workout with its Converging Path moving handlebars and elliptical-path motion soft-grip pedals.  You can work both the upper and lower body at the same time or isolate an upper or lower body workout thanks to the machine’s stationary foot pegs and optional upper body lockout.

Additional features of the Octane xR650 include dual water bottle holder/accessory holder (located at side of seat), media shelf integrated on the console, and transport wheels for easy relocation.

Sturdily built, the Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical allows for a high maximum user weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.

The Octane xR650 is self-powered so you don’t have to worry about finding a space to place it near a power socket!

Let’s take a glance at the features and specifications laid out in the table below of the Octane Fitness xR650 to help you decide if it’s the best recumbent elliptical trainer for you:

Features of the Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical:


Recumbent elliptical machine provides a seated low-impact yet effective upper & lower body workout with moving handlebars & elliptical motion pedals
·         16” Power Stroke technology
·         Facilitates optimal leg extension
·         Burns up to 23% more calories than a standard recumbent bike
·         Activates up to 3x more muscles than a standard recumbent bike
30 resistance levels
16 built-in programs including:
·         Manual
·         Random
·         Interval
·         Custom interval
·         Hill
·         10K
·         Fat burn
·         Cardio
·         Heart-rate interval
·         Heart-rate custom interval
·         Heart-rate hill
·         Heart-rate speed interval
·         New Leaf custom
·         30:30 interval
·         Constant watts
·         Constant METs
3 Booster Modes:
·         Leg Press
·         Chest Press
·         Muscle Endurance
LCD monitor displays:
·         Time
·         Speed
·         Distance
·         Calories
·         Heart-rate
·         Resistance level
·         Contact pulse
·         Polar
Integrated media shelf
·         Wide cushioned seat & backrest
·         Hydraulic seat height & tilt feature – adjust the height/tilt of seat while seated on the) machine
·         20 height adjustments
·         5 tilt adjustments
·         Active Seat position – 45-degree angle for best posture & support of lower back
·         Converging path moving handlebars
·         Stationary handlebars by side of seat
OPTIONAL upper body lockout
Elliptical-path motion soft-grip pedals
Stationary foot-pegs to rest your legs & isolate an upper body workout
Dual water bottle holders (one each side of the seat)
Step-through frame design for easy getting on / off the seat
Supports users up to 400 lbs
Transport wheels
Approx.  35” x 71”
Approx.  268 lbs
Light commercial
Manufacturer’s warranty:
Lifetime on frame
3 years on parts
1 year labor

Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical, image, review features & specifications
Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical


As you would expect, the uniquely designed Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical is not a cheap machine but oozes quality, combining durability with comfort ergonomics and a great range of exclusive features to keep you motivated and challenged.  It operates extremely smoothly and quietly throughout its wide range of programs and resistance levels.

Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, the xR650 allows you to begin exercising at your own pace and progress to higher intensity exercise when you’re ready.  The Workout Boosters are a real bonus for more experienced athletes looking for HIIT training and more to keep them challenged!

Thanks to their low-impact nature, recumbent exercise machines in general are recommended by many physiotherapists to help patients rehabilitate after leg, knee and hip surgery (always check with your medical advisor!).

In addition, recumbent exercise machines are one of the easiest forms of exercise to stick with in the long-term to reach and maintain your fitness goals.


Octane Fitness xR650 Recumbent Elliptical, review plus buy at low price

N.B.  It’s advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated correct at the time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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