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Comparing Nautilus E618 2018 versus E618 2016 Elliptical Trainer, What's the Difference?

2016 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine, review features compared with 2018 E618
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2018 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer, review features compared with 2016 E618
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Nautilus E618 2018
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From the Nautilus Performance Series, the Nautilus E618 2018 and E618 2016 Elliptical Trainers are built to high-standards, combining quality components with ergonomic comforts and a wealth of features to keep your workouts motivating and challenging.

Designed to withstand intensive workouts, the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer is ideal for the serious athlete looking to perform intensive workouts such as HIIT training in the comfort of their own home.

The 2018 Nautilus E618 incorporates the same high-end features as the 2016 elliptical trainer but is finished in a sleeker-looking all-black color compared to the 2016’s grey/silver color.

Both the 2018 and 2016 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainers utilize an enhanced drivetrain with a 30 lb high-speed high-inertia perimeter-weighted flywheel and an Eddy Current Brake (ECB) magnetic resistance system which combine to ensure super smooth and quiet operation while providing consistent momentum throughout the elliptical machine’s wide range of 29 programs and 25 resistance levels.

The technologically advanced and ergonomic design of the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer includes a 22” stride length with dual rail system that effectively distributes the load of each stride, increasing the overall balance and stability of your workout.

The Nautilus E618’s state-of-the-art technology also includes a Suspension Adjust Performance Cushioning System with which you can adjust the angle of the footplates from 0 to 10 degrees for customized heel support.

To keep you motivated and challenged, the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainers 2018 and 2016 both offer 29 performance training programs, 25 ECB resistance levels and 0-15 degrees adjustable motorized incline for even more of a challenge and to work more muscle groups.

For convenience, the Nautilus E618 has Quick Touch controls in the moving handlebars to adjust the resistance and incline range.  The moving handlebars feature multi-position grips that allow you to work different arm muscles depending on how you grip the handlebars.

The E618’s motorized incline adds a new dimension to your workouts and allows you to work more muscle groups and is typically not found on elliptical trainers at this low price point.  The pre-set programs include intervals, challenges, weight management, heart-rate programs as well as customizable training options.

Nautilus E618 SightLine console, image, tilt-adjustable, dual track STN blue backlit LCD display, Bluetooth, 4 user profiles
Nautilus E618
SightLine console
Both the 2018 and 2016 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainers come with a premium SightLine console that’s tilt-adjustable to give each user the best viewing angle of the dual STN blue backlit LCD screens.  The 2 screens are easy on the eyes and display motivating workout stats as you exercise including time, speed, distance, calories and heart-rate (contact pulse sensors in static handlebars and telemetry enabled for wireless chest strap).

The Nautilus E618’s console allows for 4 different user profiles and is also Bluetooth enabled for seamless transferring of workout data to online fitness tracking apps including the free Nautilus Trainer / Nautilus Connect app and other partnered fitness apps.

Additional high-end features incorporated into the Nautilus E618’s console include in-console speakers with MP3 input, media shelf, USB charging port, and 3-speed cooling fan.  In addition, there is a conveniently located water bottle holder on the frame underneath the console so you can keep hydrated as you exercise.

Both the 2018 and 2016 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainers are sturdily constructed, featuring 2 integrated levelers and oversized crossbar tubing for added stability.  Both elliptical machines allow for an extended user weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

Let’s take a look at the full features and specifications compared in the table below between the Nautilus E618 2018 versus E618 2016 to help you decide on which is the best elliptical trainer for you:

Features Compared between the Nautilus E618 2018 versus E618 2016 Elliptical Trainer:

NAUTILUS E618 2018
NAUTILUS E618 2016

E618 MY18, 100656
E618 MY16, 100495
15 years on frame
5 years on parts & electronics
2 years labor
15 years on frame
3 years on parts & electronics
1 year labor

30 lbs high-speed high-inertia perimeter-weighted flywheel
22” precision path
·         Dual rail system for even load distribution on each stride
·         Suspension Adjust performance cushioning pedal system
·         Adjustable footplate angle (0 -10 degrees) for customized heel support
0-15 degrees motorized incline
25 ECB magnetic resistance levels
29 performance training programs including:
·         Intervals
·         Challenges
·         Weight management
·         Heart-rate
·         Custom
·         Static & moving handlebars
·         Multi-position grip on moving handlebars
·         Quick adjust incline & resistance controls on moving handlebars
·         Contact pulse grip heart-rate sensors in static handlebars
·         Tilting SightLine console for best viewing angle
·         Dual Track (2 screens) STN blue-backlit LCD display
Workout data displayed include:
·         Time
·         Speed
·         Distance
·         Calories
·         Heart-rate
Bluetooth connectivity for seamless transferring of workout data to online fitness tracking apps on your own smart phone/device, including the free Nautilus Trainer / Nautilus Connect App & other partnered fitness apps
·         Contact pulse grip
·         Telemetry enabled (chest strap included)
Media shelf built into console
USB charging port
In-console speakers with MP3 input
3-speed cooling fan
Water bottle holder on frame underneath console
·         2 integrated levelers
·         Oversized crossbar tubing for added stability
Front-mounted transport wheels
Supports users up to 350 lbs
Approx.  73” long x 27” wide x 67” high
Approx.  230 lbs
Electric 110v, power cord included


Elliptical Trainers offer a super effective cardio and total body workout that’s low-impact on your joints compared to many other types of exercise, making it one of the easiest workouts to stick with in the long term.

The high-performing 2018 and 2016 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainers are for the serious athlete who wants to train and challenge themselves at a higher level.  These quality elliptical machines combine technological advanced features with a sturdy design and comfortable ergonomics to help keep you motivated to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

With stand-out features such as the dual rail system, suspension adjust cushioning system, motorized incline and SightLine console, the Nautilus E618 is hard to beat at this price point and rivals many elliptical machines in higher categories.  You definitely won’t find these features and this build quality on the lower-priced machines and not even on some of the more expensive ones!

The 2018 Nautilus E618 Elliptical Trainer has been finished in an all-black color for an updated look but if you’re not bothered about the color then you may still be able to pick up the 2016 model (grey/silver) at a low price while it’s still available!


N.B.  It’s always advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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