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Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine, Review

Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine, full-body low-impact cardio machine, burns 39% more calories than an elliptical trainer
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The Bowflex LateralX L5 is a full-body low-impact cardio machine that delivers exceptional fitness results but with much less impact on your body than other workouts such as running and with which you can burn an average of 39% MORE calories in the same amount of time as a self-paced elliptical trainer workout.

The Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine moves in 3 directions, helping you to improve the way you move in everyday life: glide from side to side while pushing/pulling or standing/squatting to activate and tone muscles and burn calories without the jarring impact of traditional exercise.

Performance suspension pedals, image, on Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine
Performance suspension pedals
The Bowflex LateralX L5’s adjustable lateral range enables you to customize the intensity and comfort level throughout your workouts, while its performance suspension pedals and 4-position dynamic handgrips provide comfort ergonomics.

You can choose between holding onto the LateralX L5’s moving handlebars with multi grip positions for different workout options or hold onto the static handlebars which feature integrated pulse grip heart-rate sensors and quick-adjust buttons for changing the lateral stride and resistance levels.

The Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine comes with an easy-to-use console with a 7.5” blue backlit LCD screen for easy viewing of programs and workout data.  The L5’s console features 10 resistance levels to keep you challenged and 10 programs for workout variety including X-Mode 16 minute intervals, lateral, thigh toner, quad power, total body, stand squat, dual direction, fat burn, calorie goal, and manual program.

Multi-grip position handlebars, image, on Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine
Multi-grip position handlebars
Bowflex LateralX L5's console, image, with 10 programs, 4 user profiles, Bluetooth connectivity, audio speakers, cooling fan, media shelf
LateralX L5's console

The Bowflex LateralX L5’s console allows for 4 user profiles and has additional premium features such as audio speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, pulse and chest-strap heart-rate monitoring, 3-speed cooling fan, and media shelf to place a tablet or mobile phone.  There’s also a handy water bottle holder located underneath the console so you can keep hydrated as you exercise.

Bowflex LateralX App
Bowflex LateralX App
In addition to the Bowflex LateralX L5’s built-in workout programs, there is a FREE Bowflex LateralX App available on both Android and iOS that offers an additional 30 full-length workout videos.  There’s something for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes, with fitness trainers guiding and motivating you with classes such as Basics, Athletic Conditioning, Cross-training and even optional SelectTech dumbbell workouts.

In addition to the workout videos, the Bowflex LateralX App allows you to sync your workouts, track your data, set goals, collect awards and more!  The App workouts are powered by Bowflex Radio with a wide range of music from pop to country to rock and more!

Sturdily and durably constructed, the Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine supports a user weight capacity of up to 136 kg (300 lbs).  The machine itself weighs around 285 lbs and measures around 136 cm long by 117.7 cm wide by 159.8 cm high.

Let’s take a glance at the Bowflex LateralX L5’s features and specifications laid out in the easy-to-read table below to help you decide if it’s the best Cardio Machine for you:

Features of the Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine:


·         Full-body low-impact cardio machine
·         Burns an average of 39% more calories in the same amount of time spent on a self-paced workout on an elliptical trainer
·         Delivers exceptional results with much less impact on your body than running
Moves in 3 directions:
·         Side to side
·         Push & pull
·         Stand & squat
Adjustable lateral range enables you to customize the intensity & comfort level throughout your workout
Performance suspension pedals
·         Moving handlebars
·         4-position dynamic hand grips
·         Static handlebars with pulse sensors & quick-adjust buttons to adjust lateral stride & resistance
7.5” blue backlit LCD display
10 workout programs:
·         X-Mode – 16 minute intervals
·         Lateral
·         Thigh toner
·         Quad power
·         Total body
·         Stand squat
·         Dual direction
·         Fat burn
·         Calorie goal
·         Manual
10 resistance levels
·         Free Bowflex Lateral App for additional training with 30 full-length high-energy trainer-led workout videos
·         App compatible with Apple iOS 10.0 or greater & most Android 5.0 or greater devices
·         Sync workouts, set goals, track progress, collect awards
·         Powered by Bowflex Radio
4 user profiles
Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible
·         Integrated contact pulse grips
·         Heart-rate strap included
Media shelf to place your own tablet or mobile phone
Water bottle holder
Audio speakers & Bluetooth connectivity
3-speed cooling fan
Supports up to 136 kg user weight
Approx.  136 cm long x 117.7 cm wide x 159.8 cm high
Approx.  258 lbs
3 years frame, 3 years parts, 1 year electronics, 90 days labor

Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine, image, review features & specifications
Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine

See what some customers who have bought the Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine have to say about it:

“The Bowflex LateralX L5 is an excellent gym-quality machine.  It was delivered in 2 very heavy boxes and required quite a lot of assembly.  All tools were provided to assemble it, but you may find it easier if you have a magnetized screw driver to assemble the middle covers.  The supplied Allen wrench worked well but I found a shorter one in my tool box that worked well too.  I also found it helpful to use a flash light to assemble the middle covers.  It took 2 of us around 2 ½ hours to assemble this machine.  It would be wise to make sure you have extra room around you to assemble the LateralX as it s a very large machine.  After putting this machine together, I used it on its default settings which gave a very intense workout.  I consider myself to be in good shape and after the 16 minute workout my legs felt like jello!  After a week’s use, I can report that I have found no issues with this machine and my legs are getting used to the workout it gives.  It gives a very good cardio workout too.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the LateralX L5 machine.

“I’ve been using the Bowflex LateralX L5 Machine for just two weeks and I’ve already lost 10 lbs and built muscle in my legs and abs.  The machine moves forwards and backwards like an elliptical trainer but also side to side, giving intense workouts to your large muscle groups while being very low impact.  It’s surprisingly easy on my joints!  The free Bowflex App allows you to watch some video exercises and track your progress and you get lots of trophies for performance which is encouraging.  It took me around a day to assemble it on my own – it would be better with two people as many pieces were large and awkward – but instructions were clear.  Once I’d assembled it, it worked perfectly and feels rock solid and is a very high quality machine.  All the controls on the machine are easy to use.  I wouldn’t overdo it in your first week, especially if you’re not in great shape to start with.  I think I pushed myself too hard initially and was surprised at how sore my abs, glutes and quads felt.  Best also to do some stretching exercises before and after to cool down.  If you’re already in good shape, you’ll get a great workout and will probably find the videos and this machine more modern and interactive than most home fitness machines.  I like that there’s no subscription cost for the App which some manufacturers of exercise equipment charge for.  The LateralX L5 is a big investment but is still less expensive than a decent rowing machine and offers a more interesting workout.  You’ll be surprised at how much better this machine is at getting you in shape compared to a standard elliptical trainer.  You’ll see the results quite quickly but without the wear and tear on your joints.  Overall, the way this works is a great idea, it’s a top quality machine and is definitely worth the price.”


N.B.  It is advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise regime.

*Prices/discounts/shipping indicated correct at time of writing/publishing and may be subject to change anytime.  E&OE.

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